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  • Jenci Spradlin

A Life Transformed: Your Support Matters

As we approach GivingTuesday, we want to dive deeper into why we've set a substantial goal of $25,000 and how your support contributes to transforming lives.

At WRAP, we believe in offering more than just refuge; we provide a haven for hope, healing, and renewal. This mission hits close to home as we share Linda's remarkable story. Linda (a pseudonym), like many survivors, fled an abusive relationship with her child, escaping with only the clothes on her back.

She called our 24/7 helpline, seeking safety, stability, and a fresh start. Our safe homes welcomed her with open arms, offering more than just shelter. They provided Linda with a place of comfort and compassion. Here, she began to rebuild her life and her child's, all while her abuser faced justice behind bars.

During her stay, Linda worked with our team to secure stable housing, so when the time came, she and her child could make a seamless transition to their own home. This process isn't just about putting a roof over their heads; it's about mending the emotional wounds, rebuilding self-esteem, and laying the foundation for a future free from fear.

Linda's abuser was convicted and served time, ensuring that she could rebuild her life without the constant threat that had haunted her for too long. Thanks to the support of individuals like you, Linda's story is one of hope, resilience, and transformation.

This GivingTuesday, when you consider our $25,000 goal, think about Linda and the countless others who seek refuge and renewal. Ask yourself what you would need if you were in her shoes, with just the clothes on your back. Imagine the impact of a safe, nurturing environment during such a traumatic time.

Your generous donation plays a pivotal role in the lives of survivors like Linda. You provide more than just a shelter; you offer the promise of a brighter tomorrow. We invite you to be part of our mission and contribute to stories of renewal and resilience.


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