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Guides & Resources

Explore & Learn

Our guides and resources offer a range of downloadable PDFs, toolkits, and informational materials to assist individuals in understanding our services, supporting survivors, and promoting awareness.

Please note that all resources provided are for informational purposes and should not substitute professional advice or services. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call emergency services or our 24/7 helpline for immediate assistance.

Power & Control Wheel
Safety Planning Guide
Emotional Abuse
Trauma Bonding
Emotional Safety Plan
Red Flags
Social lsolation
Strangulation Guide
Healing Guide
Coping with COVID
Insurance Resource Guide
What to do if you are sexually assaulted
Guide in a Tourist Bus

Toolkits & Outreach Materials

Find these helpful toolkits targeting a variety of community partners. These toolkits contain information about WRAP and how we can support those that you serve. Also, you can download individual posters to hang and information guides on how to connect others to WRAP.

Tear Tab Poster
Community Partners Guide
WRAP Poster
Sharable Graphics for Social Media
What to know about strangulation presentation

Support & Resources

Below are more resources for supporting survivors, children and families, as well as information about WRAP and our work in West Tennessee!

DV Bystander Guide
Community Partner Guide
How to Help Rape Survivors
Elementary Handout
Healthy Families Guide
High School / College Handout
It's a Fact
Sexual Assault Services
RCP Brochure
Making an Impact 2023
Making an Impact 2022
Support Group Circle
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