Call for help (Llámenos para ayuda): 1.800.273.8712

TTY Relay Call: 1.800.848.0298

Voice Relay Call: 1-800-848-0299

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In West Tennessee, domestic abuse and sexual assault represent at least half of all crimes against persons.  Where these crimes exist, there is great need.  At WRAP, we reach out to individuals and communities to help us find solutions.  Here's how you can help..

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bednights in safe shelter provided

  • Responding to need 24/7
  • Offering support for safety
  • Restoring a sense of self
  • Coaching for interdependence 
  • Promoting safer, healthier relationships and families

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Safe, Stable, Nurturing Families​

​​​WRAP relies on the generosity of our corporate and private sponsors to help us achieve our goals.  

We are truly grateful for each sponsor's compassion for those we serve.


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Heartfelt Thanks To Our Sponsors

"I don't know if i could have made it to the hospital or thru everything without WRAP's help -  my advocates were fabulous.  Both were so reassuring and helped me understand what happened and how to face the next several days.   The words and strength you gave me helped so much. Thank you again.more than I can say."



Weakley County

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of survivors experienced enhanced well-being

Won't you help create these success stories?

​​​​What will you do with your one wild and precious life? 

Mary Oliver  


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Our Mission

The Lives We Impact

WRAP partners with our community to lift up individuals and families whose lives have been traumatized by domestic abuse or sexual assault:

Our Services

"My WRAP advocate is extremely knowledgeable and has been the best support system.  She has given me confidence, encouragement, and resources.  Thanks to WRAP, I am moving forward!  I have a new home and look forward to a new future!"



Dyer County



survivors served in 2016-17

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of survivors achieved goals set


of survivors 

strengthened their support systems

What will you do 

Some of us experience safe, healthy, nurturing families who give us the foundation we need to experience educational achievement, economic productivity, responsible citizenship, and lifelong health. For many others of us, access to something so basic, but so important can be very difficult.  


You, too, can impact a life! 

20% of the funding needed to provide services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence in West Tennessee must come from the communities in which those services are provided.  WRAP is deeply grateful for the support of the United Way of West Tennessee, the United Way of Benton County, and the United Way of Obion County.

80% of the funding needed to provide services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence comes from state and federal funding.  WRAP is grateful to the Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs and the Tennessee Housing Development Authority for their support through grant funding.

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