Call for help (Llámenos para ayuda): 1.800.273.8712

TTY Relay Call: 1.800.848.0298

Voice Relay Call: 1-800-848-0299

Thank you.  I didn't know where to turn or where to go in my life.  You helped me find my way again.  I really appreciate you guys with all my heart.  You guys are truly blessings.  Love you!!!


I am so thankful for WRAP.  You went above and beyond to help me and my kids.  We are now safe and feel warmly supported by our community.


My sense of well being has been dramatically improved.  I am confident that I can make good choices to keep my and my son safe and happy.  


Your support has made many remarkable moments possible in our work to end violence, change lives, and give hope. Your commitment, your resolve, and your belief in change inspire us every single day.  We've launched this platform for you to share your own meaningful moments of joy, gratitude, healing, change, hope, progress--anything significant to you.  We also ask that you consider making a donation--any amount that is meaningful to you--to support WRAP's transformative work.

I have learned how to keep myself safe.  I am no longer fearful or uncertain.  I feel confident and empowered.  Thank you!


Your Moments

Thank all of you so very much!  If not for WRAP, there is no telling what would have happened to my sister and her 3 children.  You are miracle workers!


This program was just so beneficial to me and my children.  Thank you so much for everything.


I was having panic attacks when I first came to WRAP for help, and my nerves were bad, but after staying for a while, my panic attacks were fewer, and my nerves got better.  My advocate helped me with my goals and helped me feel better about myself.  Thank you!


Thank you for being a part of saving my life.  This is a second chance that I will not waste! Thank God for you!


I will always remember the care and compassion you showed to my family.  We are so grateful to you.