Our Mission

Call for help (Llámenos para ayuda): 1.800.273.8712

TTY Relay Call: 1.800.848.0298

Voice Relay Call: 1-800-848-0299

We have a simple vision at WRAP.  We want safe, stable, nurturing communities.  To realize this vision, WRAP's mission is twofold.  First, WRAP partners with survivors in their healing journey, providing them with the education, tools, and support they need to feel empowered to build for themselves safe, stable, nurturing relationships and families.  Second, WRAP partners with the communities we serve to end violence against women and girls, for we believe that if we can end violence against all women and girls in our communities, then we can also end it against men and boys. And if we can do that, then we will truly realize safer, more stable, more nurturing communities in West Tennessee..   

In 2015, more than 50% of all crimes against persons in West Tennessee were crimes of domestic and/or sexual violence.  More than 90% of the victims were women and girls.  More than half of the women had children who witnessed the abuse or were abused themselves and who, as a result, may experience the consequences of this abuse throughout their lifespan in terms of their health, safety, and/or well being.