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Crockett County Advocate

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Embracing and Empowering Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence


Position Overview: Builds a strong evidence-based advocacy practice that assists, supports, and advocates for survivors of sexual assault or dual domestic violence/sexual assault, that promotes trust and communication between survivors and the judicial and law enforcement systems, that weaves together a supportive network of formal and informal community-based resources for survivors, that provides outreach and education to survivors and the community-at- large, and that develops
and supports the agency’s capacity for ongoing and expanded service.


* Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Services Awareness (for Participants and Community)
* Crisis and Psychoeducational Counseling
* Safety and Service Planning
* Court and Hospital Advocacy
* Case Management and Resource Linkage
* Pre- and Post-Service Participant Outreach and Follow-up
* Agency Development and Support


Bachelor's of Social Work or related discipline

Salary Range:  $28,000 - $30,000, depending upon education and experience

​Hiring Immediately!