WRAP’s advocates are skilled professionals who provide a wide variety of services to program participants,including court advocacy, hospital accompaniment,resource linkage, case management, and mentoring. WRAP advocates individualize the services they provide to meet the very specific needs of those who come in search of help and support. 

WRAP advocates are supported in their work in Benton,Carroll, Chester, Crockett, Decatur, Gibson, Hardin, Hardeman, Haywood, Henderson, Henry, Madison, McNairy, and Wayne counties by West Tennessee Legal Services, local Police and Sheriff Departments, Courts and Hospitals, and community members.

Services include:

  1. Public speaking in schools, community groups, tasks for development (providing awareness)
  2.  Crisis Counseling/ Individual Counseling
  3.  Court Advocacy
  4.  Pre-Post Service Outreach and Follow-up
  5.  Hospital Accompaniment and Advocacy
  6.  Safety and Service Planning
  7.  Case Management/Resources
  8.  Group Counseling
  9.  Assess victim's immediate needs and assist them or refers them to those who can help  them.
  10.  Conducts pre-services outreach in w/DHS and DCS and other community agencies.
  11.  Assist victims with Orders of Protection
  12.  Coordinates victim support services
  13.  Assist with victim's compensation.
  14.  Assist with shelter for safety
  15.  Provide on-going long term support for victims.​
  16.  Housing if needed/ food, clothing


advocacy & outreach

Embracing and Empowering Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence

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